Happy Father´s day

Happy Father´s day

Father´s day is celebrated in a variety of dates wide-world and typically involves gift-giving (shopping!shopping!Shopping!). Here in Ireland June 20th is the day, in Brazil it is the second sunday in August, in Greece June 21st, Portugal March 19th and in Argentina is...well....who cares?

So If you are here in Ireland, maybe it is a great opportunity to participate of the irish culture and say to your father how you like him , wherever he is, sure, he will to listen to you. Below, there is a list with some father´s who have to be congratuled as well:

Darth Vader
Luke Sakywalker´s father, is one of the most famous and bad fathers in the cinema.

Abu Arrar
The man from Israel has more kids than birthdays. At 58 years old, he has 67 children with eight different women.

Eike Batista
The richest man in Brasil, He is the owner of business that worth more than 30 billions of dollars, what does for your son a little bit hard to choice a gift to him.

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